A film about an adventure in the Arctic. A team of scientist is studying the phytoplankton bloom in Baffin Bay!

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    Our documentary explores the shipwrecks & treasures of the Magdalen Islands. Airing on Rai, CBC, Documentary Channel, Delta airlines and Air Transat.

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  • The secret life of plankton

    Guided by a fish, we discover the amazing beauty of marine organisms adrift in ocean currents.

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Latest Film

Kim Churchill – Rage

Originally published as a lyrics video, this abstract piece was created with Les Eclaireurs.

AO: Arctic Ocean

We have teamed up with the Takuvik Scientific Research Team, KNGFU, Chany Lagneux (Art Direction) and photographer Jean Jacques Pangrazi to create a multi-plateform media project. We are building
Network and connected devices

GreenTouch animates networks

We created a new animation piece for the Greentouch Consortium as part of their promotional campaign for the 2014 EU Sustainable Energy Week. A productive collaboration with The Éclaireurs &
Crazy science experiments!

Science Express!

Parafilms directed a series of video capsules full of spectacular experiments for the Science Center of Montreal. To produce this project, we joined the KngFu team and brought filmmaking skills

Last news

The Soil Chronicles wins Green Pitch!

For three days Parafilms & Jean-Marc Abela have  been participating in the Planet in Focus festival, in Toronto. Through Pitches, panels,  interesting conversations and screenings we’ve enjoyed this exciting environnemental film festival. Sunday, at the  closin

Parafilms at the Camden Film Festival

Sharif and Noé are present at the 2015 edition of CIFF in Camden Maine. A good chance to pitch their film on micro plastic pollution for the CMG (conservation Media Group) grant. The project will be made with Christian Sardet and Tierney Thys with Ted Ed and Tara Expeditions as

Parafilms embarks with Ecomaris to observe plankton and whales

The Parafilms crew, and a group of friendly adventurers are sailing of from Gaspé, QC from august 24th to Sept 1st 2015. The expedition named “Le peuple du plancton” aims to drift alongside whales and planktonic organisms to film and photograph them. Equipped with

Living Soil & Compost Masterclass

Parafilms just participated in a 3-day masterclass with Dr Elaine Ingham to learn more about the Soil food web and compost. Thanks to Mycelium for making this event happen. Super interesting workshop, Elaine is a great source of inspiration! Parafilms was also involved in filming