Parafilms at the Camden Film Festival

Sharif and Noé are present at the 2015 edition of CIFF in Camden Maine. A good chance to pitch their film on micro plastic pollution for the CMG (conservation Media Group) grant. The project will be made with Christian Sardet and Tierney Thys with Ted Ed and Tara Expeditions as

Parafilms embarks with Ecomaris to observe plankton and whales

The Parafilms crew, and a group of friendly adventurers are sailing of from Gaspé, QC from august 24th to Sept 1st 2015. The expedition named “Le peuple du plancton” aims to drift alongside whales and planktonic organisms to film and photograph them. Equipped with

Living Soil & Compost Masterclass

Parafilms just participated in a 3-day masterclass with Dr Elaine Ingham to learn more about the Soil food web and compost. Thanks to Mycelium for making this event happen. Super interesting workshop, Elaine is a great source of inspiration! Parafilms was also involved in filming

Parafilms @ DOC Circuit Montréal

Here we go! 3 days of meetings, conferences and round tables! The Para team joins the filmmaking community to share experiences and get to know the market players… A interesting event…
Rootz Underground concert

Manifestivus is coming up!

We shot and edited this promo video for the Manifestivus Festival… Camping, Good vibes, Reggae & world music during 2 days… And guess what? The 11th edition of the event is starting in a few days… So, see you in Cabot, Vermont… July 25th to 27 2014.


After sailing the oceans all over the planet, the schooner Tara is back in the Mediteranean sea! The current expedition is called Tara Mediterranée. I embarked between Antibes, France and Cala Gonone, Sardaigna. We navigated in the Ligurian Sea, along the coasts of Elba, Corsica

Electro-drumming anecdotes by Merlin!

When i grow up i want to be a little boy… This is what happens when Merlin gathers a couple of friends to do a live performance shoot. Parafilms contributed some new cinematography tools & techniques and good camera angles. Fun project with a badass crew! Merlin plays a

The Macronauts strike again!

Cayce & the Macronauts gave an amazing show at the Mercury Loundge in New York on February 15th, during the NoShame showcase. On top of an energizing french touch musical act, the crew mounted A 6 foot sculpture on stage and mapped it with crazy video...

New Plankton footage & photos from Brittany!

Noé & Christian Sardet spent a week gathering new plankton footage and photos at the Station Biologique de Roscoff, France. This was a great opportunity to collect and observe the plankton found of the Brittany coast. To capture these creatures… As usual 5D MarkII and