Arctic Bloom

Parafilms is producing a documentary project about about the phytoplankton bloom in the Arctic, documenting the Green Edge research project in 2015 and 2016. During an ambitious oceanographic campaign, a team of scientists discovers the challenges of working in the High Arctic, near Baffin Bay.

Prana cooking series

Directed by Jean Ranger. Renowned for its fresh & organic food, Prana offers some of the world’s most nutritious ingredients. Now, co-founder Marie-Josée Richer hosts a series of short, innovative recipes for busy-moms-on-the-go. From almond milk to homemade granola, these simple recipes

Kim Churchill – Rage

Originally published as a lyrics video, this abstract piece was created with Les Eclaireurs.

AO: Arctic Ocean

We have teamed up with the Takuvik Scientific Research Team, KNGFU, Chany Lagneux (Art Direction) and photographer Jean Jacques Pangrazi to create a multi-plateform media project. We are building an educational online ressource and a series of short documentary films to present the Arctic Ocean
Network and connected devices

GreenTouch animates networks

We created a new animation piece for the Greentouch Consortium as part of their promotional campaign for the 2014 EU Sustainable Energy Week. A productive collaboration with The Éclaireurs & Chopin, artist and talented designer who made some clean laser cut paper objects for the project!!!

IGA / Earth Day Quebec Animation

Discover how IGA supermarkets, helped by Earth Day Quebec, have reduced their carbon footprint! TACT Communications asked us to show how IGA has recently improved its management of residual waste throughout the province. Solutions include compost, recycling, donations and food transformation.
Crazy science experiments!

Science Express!

Parafilms directed a series of video capsules full of spectacular experiments for the Science Center of Montreal. To produce this project, we joined the KngFu team and brought filmmaking skills and equipment to the table. 5 caméras, 3 cameramans, 1 sound man, 1 coordinator and 1 director, all

International Health Forum

For 3 full days, health officials meet at Montreal’s Palais des Congrès to compare healthcare systems across the globe. Parafilms is covering event photography and portraits of the renowned speakers. See you in next October for IHF 2014, watch the teaser above! For more info, click here.
Terre Mère making of


Parafilms was comissioned to show the colossal workforce behind the Mosaicultures International Festival. This horticultural event took place in Montréal during summer 2013. Several years of concept and design, 6 months of growing plants and two full months of building to create these living

The Plankton Chronicles

The Plankton Chronicles Project is a short documentary series combining art and science, revealing the beauty and diversity of organisms that drift with the currents

Legends of Magdalen

Gregory Gallagher and Parafilms are producing a documentary on the marine mysteries and treasures of the Magdalen Islands. Legends will air August 3rd 2013 on CBC.

The Vials

A short film produced by Parafilms and directed by Noé Sardet. Currently in post-production phase.

Urchin Odyssey

In this piece for TED ED, our guide is a pluteus : a sea urchin larva.

Tales from the Blue – Biotherm Films

This series of short films was written and produced by National Geographic Explorer and Marine Biologist Tierney Thys.

The Secret Life of Plankton on TED!

Parafilms has teamed up with marine biologists Tierney Thys and Christian Sardet (CNRS) to create this episode for TED Education.

Sundance – Wyzah

In this music video Waahli tells the story of Franck, a native man lost in the urban landscape.

How Life came to Land

Mollusks, Chordates, Annelids or Arthropods... who first conquered land?

Town of Mount Royal Centennial

A multitude of activities and events, mark this historical year.

The Nomads / Parafilms – Cinematography Tests

A Slice of Life at Nomads Studio in Montréal! Testing our new gear... Toys for cinematographers!

Reveye – Nomadic Massive

This colorful music video features the Nomadic Massive crew in a carnival. The party is lead by a haïtien spirit, a voodoo puppet!