Arctic Bloom

Parafilms is producing a documentary project about about the phytoplankton bloom in the Arctic, documenting the Green Edge research project in

AO: Arctic Ocean

We have teamed up with the Takuvik Scientific Research Team, KNGFU, Chany Lagneux (Art Direction) and photographer Jean Jacques Pangrazi to

The Plankton Chronicles

The Plankton Chronicles Project is a short documentary series combining art and science, revealing the beauty and diversity of organisms that

Legends of Magdalen

Gregory Gallagher and Parafilms are producing a documentary on the marine mysteries and treasures of the Magdalen Islands. Legends will air

Urchin Odyssey

In this piece for TED ED, our guide is a pluteus : a sea urchin larva.

The Secret Life of Plankton on TED!

Parafilms has teamed up with marine biologists Tierney Thys and Christian Sardet (CNRS) to create this episode for TED Education.

How Life came to Land

Mollusks, Chordates, Annelids or Arthropods... who first conquered land?