Kim Churchill – Rage

Originally published as a lyrics video, this abstract piece was created with Les Eclaireurs.

Sundance – Wyzah

In this music video Waahli tells the story of Franck, a native man lost in the urban landscape.

Reveye – Nomadic Massive

This colorful music video features the Nomadic Massive crew in a carnival. The party is lead by a haïtien spirit, a voodoo puppet!

Afro Latin Soul Musical Series

Franky digz (San Juan Hill) & Lou Piensa (Nomadic Massive) organize the Afro Latin Soul musical event series, bringing together talented

Sad but true – Nomadic Massive

Album : Nomad’s Land Public Transit Recordings / KOCH Records Director : Noé Sardet DOP : Nicolas Vennes Production coordinator : Mélodie