Parafilms embarks with Ecomaris to observe plankton and whales

Ecomaris's sailboat the Roter-Sand

The Parafilms crew, and a group of friendly adventurers are sailing of from Gaspé, QC from august 24th to Sept 1st 2015. The expedition named “Le peuple du plancton” aims to drift alongside whales and planktonic organisms to film and photograph them. Equipped with aerial, underwater, macro and microscopic imagery tools, the team accompanied by a group of creatives, educators, videographers  and sailors will document and share their experiences onboard. For some it is an amazing opportunity to learn about photography and cinematography techniques, for others it will be navigation skills and ecology of the Gulf of St Lawrence! After partnering up to present a plankton exhibit in the old port of Montreal, Parafilms and Ecomaris join forces again for thisnikon_logo expedition initiative that will serve as a test-run for future trips around the Magdalen Islands and through the wonders of the Gulf!
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Friday 21 August 2015
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