AO: Arctic Ocean

We have teamed up with the Takuvik Scientific Research Team, KNGFU, Chany Lagneux (Art Direction) and photographer Jean Jacques Pangrazi to create a multi-plateform media project. We are building an educational online ressource and a series of short documentary films to present the Arctic Ocean and the International Science project Green Edge to teens and general public.



We will create multimedia content each year following these 12 themes:

  • The Arctic Ocean
  • Climate change impact in the Arctic
  • Ocean currents
  • Arctic marine ecosystems
  • The spring bloom
  • Hunting, Fishing and nutrition of Inuits along the icecap
  • Satellites to observe the oceans
  • How to go back in time and study arctic ecosystems of the past?
  • Ocean mathematical models
  • Explore the Arctic Ocean with in-situ new technology
  • The biological pump
  • DMS (Dimethyl sulfide)


The goal for 2016 is to develop this online plateform a 52 minute TV documentary.