Parafilms was comissioned to show the colossal workforce behind the Mosaicultures International Festival. This horticultural event took place in Montréal during summer 2013. Several years of concept and design, 6 months of growing plants and two full months of building to create these living sculptures.
This project was a successful collaboration between experienced producer Anne Plamondon, Parafilms and the talented Director Florian Brucker.

Two additional versions were produced for the festival communication campaign :
– TV Ad broadcast version (0:30 s) shown on TVA and Radio Canada shown during the summer
– Short social media version (1:00 min)

Producer: Anne Plamondon
Director/Editor: Florian Brucker
Director of production/Cameraman: Noé Sardet
Project Coordinator: Cédrick Lalaizon
Cameraman: André Bendehan
Assistant cameraman: Wesley Lord
Motion designer: Gwendal Creurer
Music: BAM productions
Drone Operators : DIZI Films

Mosaïcultures sculpture

Mosaïcultures planting

Mosaïcultures Making Of

Monumental horticultural sculpture