The Vials


Synopsis :
Eva is doing a doctorate degree in a research institute in the South of France, on the Mediterranean coast. She is interested in alchemy. In the silence of the deserted laboratories, someone is performing strange experiments.

As a student, Eva is discrete. She’s often lost in her thoughts or her books. She takes a coffee brake alone on the dock, facing the sea… Others judge her, think she is weird. Remi, a biology student is curious, he wants to meet her.

At night, alone in the lab, Eva tries to dive into her deepest fears, she calls upon her demons by drinking special decoctions. A mix of scientific experiments and magic. Alternatively, her demons come alive. Snake, silhouette, medusa are the different forms she takes in her nocturnal transformations. She becomes these spirits and haunts the empty Institute. She meets an Alchemyst who will help her create a unique magical substance, a potion to find the solution to her troubled heart.

Short film produced by Parafilms.
Director : Noé Sardet
DOP : Sharif Mirshak
Cameraman : Olivier Thirot
Production coordinator : Cécile Jarnot
Set Photographer : Jean Jacques Pangrazi
Visual Effects Supervisor : Flavien Mekpoh
+ WeGotTalent crew!

With Emma Fremont, Nicolas Baechel & Christophe Migon
The film is currently in post-production phase.

SKILL: Film making, Production, Cinematography, Art Direction